What is Psychology?


This figure is a representation of psychology as a science and as a profession at the beginning of the XXIth.Century. The circle at the center represents behavior, and around the circle are the species most frequently used in psychological research.

Around there we see the main historical figures of psychology as a discipline: Wundt, Skinner, Piaget, and Freud. On top of the circle, a representation of human society,of the community, that gives relevance to behavior in a social context.

At the left side we see the creation of god by man, a different version of Michelangelo’ work: man creates god in his own image. Below we find a version of phrenology. In the lower part, the basic psychological question: “Who am I?”, and the precept of old thinkers “Know thyself”.At the right side we find the computer as a key for understanding human behavior. Below it, the representation of human work and the impact of technology. Under it, scientific research and measurement. At the lower right end, psychological assessment and psychotherapy. All those fields presented at the right side of the figure are images of psychologists’ professional work.

This image could help us to understand in a glance what psychology is about, its past, present, and perspectives.

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